Sunday, January 13, 2008

Challenge Yourself

Yesterday I was working with a local Friend/Antique Dealer ~Glen~ from Utah at an estate sale. I love going to the estate sales and getting to help out behind the scenes. It is very educational for me as well as inspiring. You get to preview everything before anybody else as well as touch and feel the age and stories these antiques and collectibles hold. As I was there looking over everything that was going to be available for the sale, I picked up and Old French Silk Hand painted Choker. Glen said to me, "Isn't that amazing" and instantly I said "No...It just doesn't appeal to me" He said "You have got to be kidding me...Just the fact that this necklace survived for over 150+ years is simply amazing in itself, just because it isn't something you would normally buy you really should consider it!" He then proceeded to tell me that I should CHALLENGE MYSELF this year...Even if it is just one thing I should change, make better, broaden my horizons, or learn about...Really challenge myself. I began to think about this and all of the areas of my life in which I could pose a challenge. Whether it be just 1 more minute on the treadmill, trying something new, or smiling at just 1 more person that is looking down...There are so many ways we can challenge ourselves each and everyday. I sat and thought about this as I was looking over the estate and then I walked back over to Glen and said, I accept your Challenge. Well by this time he had moved on to something else, so I proceeded to tell him what I had been thinking about since our discussion. I told him I was going to accept his challenge and CHALLENGE MYSELF to be a better person each and every day. I told him I am going to try and keep this thought nestled in the back of my mind and each day focus on ways I can challenge myself to make this world a better place.

Sooo, the reason I am writing this to you is I would like to extend the Challenge! Feel free to leave comments on how you could Challenge yourself each and every day! I think this will be fun and inspirational to all that read! I am excited to see what ideas you all come up with!

ps....The header of this post was my first challenge! I have wanted to learn how to crop and design banners for the longest time, so I finally sat down and read all there was to teach me about how to do this. Here is my first one and I am super excited about being able to finally do this!