Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Holiday Ice Princess

For Christmas this year my daughter Aspen saved her money to buy me the most wonderful Christmas present I have ever received, and I am 33! She knows of my love for antiques and all things French, and she saved her hard earned money to buy me this special doll for my Christmas gift. I just love it to pieces, and had to share this present with all of you. I would feel selfish keeping her all to myself. She has sultry black cat eyes and pressed red pouty lips that just tug on my heart strings. From her extravagant silk floral shawl and delicate black net lace dress to her original eyeglass necklace this doll was made from me! I love that she is a bit tattered and worn as that is how I feel some days. Don't you just adore the gorgeous silk ribbon rose holding her up do?! I hope all of your holiday memories this year have been as sweet and enduring as mine have.