Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mannequins...My Love

My love for antique & vintage dress forms dates back to a very early childhood memory. When I was a little girl I spent a great deal of time with my grandma. She worked in a sewing factory that was not far from her home. I remember the crowd of ladies talking about and all of the machines working so hard. I recall the chatter and busyness of this place and how interesting I found my grandmothers place of work. I was sure, one day I would grow up and be just like her! I am positive she would tell you it was not interesting, and not so much fun, AT ALL...but to me with my bright eyes and eagerness to be just like her I thought this was the most perfect and facinating place to work in all of the world! My Grandma has always been my hero as I have said before...through her example my love for art, crafts, hard work, and sewing began.
My earliest memory in discovering my talents and hobbies were at the hands of my grandmother and her sewing machine. An old Singer machine that seemed to be very advanced and technical at the time, however now could use a major overload. She always had old scraps of fabric and spools of threads lying around that I could envision as dolls, pillows, or wall hangings. At the age of 8 she let me pull a couple pieces of fabric together and make the most beautiful pillow one has ever seen..."NOT",I am sure! But I was proud of it none the less and really felt accomplished and happy that I made this pillow. She was always confident & trustworthy of me and let me go at it with my novice skills. I was very proud and showed everyone, I really thought I was onto something Big, HUGE...I Planned on making these pillows and selling them globally by age 9! I went around to the local neighbors homes and peddled my pillows for a little extra money..."I guess I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, Who knew!" I saved this money earned from the neighbors pity and grace to go with my grandma to the local super market. Here I would buy myself a water weenie, some laffy taffy or something just as cool as it!
OK, that I have gotten lost on that tangent, I just have to say, Mannequins...My Love! I love them, I have them all over my home. You may come to my home and think it is a bit odd, and perhaps it is, but that is OK by me! I love them and have them almost in every room. From a display on my entertainment center with 6 dress forms to a simple yet understated dress form in my entry room. They speak to me of a time gone by, hard work, and imagination beyond what my eyes can see...
I hope you enjoy my dress forms and memories as much as I do, xo Alys