Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have to share a funny love story with you. I was age 12 in 7th grade and I had a boyfriend, we were officially "going out". Meaning he was my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend period! Nothing else, no holding hands, kissing etc... At least this was what I thought until Valentines day came rolling around. It was customary for girls my age to send notes to their boyfriends either in class or drop them in the slot of their locker. Well to my surprise my boyfriend left me a V-day love note. It was so sweet and I was so excited to get it until I read S.W.A.K at the bottom. The naive me had no idea what this meant, however my boyfriend was kind enough to literally spell it out for me S.W.A.K= SOMEONE WANTS A KISS... and he was even so sweet to follow it up with NOW! Well this sent an instant shock of terror through my body, I remember thinking Kiss?! GROSS! Up until this time I believed boys had cooties and if you kissed them you were bound to catch there cootie bugs. I went out and found all my best girls and told them to go break up with this sicko kisser freak right away! I will always remember how nervous and scared I was thinking I was going to have to kiss a boy! Yucky...! Yes, I have came along way since those good ole days of 7th grade and I have to admit, I like to kiss boys now! S.W.A.K