Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Living Green

The month of March in all it Greenness always makes me think of ways I can contribute to the Green movement. Now you should know, even though I am not one of those save the earth hippie chics "However some days I think it would be totally rad to be one!" I do try to do my share of caring for our planet and my personal space. I feel if we all do just a little more it would make a huge impact on our beautiful earth.
Here are some simple ideas that you can try to incorporate this year into your Green living.

  • Find unique ways to recycle paper goods
  • Open windows & let fresh air in
  • Buy HandMade- www.etsy.com
  • Be creative in your decor-buy vintage
  • Use reusable water bottles
  • Subscribe to online newspapers & electronic statements
  • Line dry your clothes
  • Start a small pot garden
  • Carry a green shopping tote
  • Use natural fiber sponges & cleaning product
  • Shop your local farmers market

What simple ideas do you have & use that would contribute to a living green lifestyle?