Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Perfect Vacation~Come Along With Me

Come along with me as I take you on a trip...I have been wanting to travel so bad lately however due to scheduling conflicts with "The Hunk" we have been unable to leave town. So I decided it would be fun to go with you all on a make believe trip for a day or so. "Acting like my not so grown up self, see previous post." Anyhow I have made plans for us to stay at this marvelous & majestic castle. I shall have the room in the top left turret, which room would you like?
You will find me here in the early morning sunrise, soaking in my bath of bubbles listening to the sounds of the earth waking up. Now you should know I am not a morning person so my bubble bath will be just the thing I need to get my body moving. Normally not talking to me before my bath is a good suggestion, I can be quite the grump I have been told!
This morning for our breakfast I thought it would be delightful to share with you freshly baked flaky croissants topped with fresh sliced berries. Looking over the river to the Eiffel tower, shall we plan our day? There is much in store for us to see and do so be sure to get your fill this morning, we will not have time to break much until dinner time...Yum!
First on the agenda we will be going shopping..YES SHOPPING! What girl doesn't like a good shopping trip and in Paris "Oh My"! I have dreamt of what the Paris Flea Markets must be like and these two photos are very much like my dreams. Wait, that a chandelier I see?!

Next we shall travel the world exploring all the interesting architectural delights our eyes can see. I adore old world architecture and this interesting castle really sparked my intrigue.
After taking in the craftsmanship of architects both old and new I am feeling a bit exhausted...I think this is a good time to lie down here and rest. I have gathered a few good books for us to read and some fresh light fruit to snack on as we drift of into slumberland for our afternoon nap.
Well I hope you are feeling rested as we are in for a treat! A treat I tell you! I have hired this dashing gondolier to give us a ride through the waters of Venice in his gondola prepared especially for us. The history of this great land will be spoken to us in Italian accent as only someone with a great love and passion for his country could, Yes I am melting!
I know, I know....I didn't want to leave the gondola either but it is time to take in some art history. The place for this today will be the Smithsonian. All of the displays both old and new inspire my creative side and fulfill my need for knowledge. I'm still not sure what that creepy looking wood spider was hanging from the ceiling! Did you see that?
They have called ahead and reserved this entire restaurant for all of us. I am so excited to taste the delicious food and mingle with all of you. I am famished after our day spent traveling and seeing all of the sites, art & architecture of our day.
One of my favorite things to do is lie by the ocean as the sun is going down. The smells and waves crashing on the beach are music to my ears. There is nothing better than the salty clean smell of ocean air. Would you like to join me in my hammock and sing a song as the sun rest on the earths shadow?
Tonight I am feeling a bit adventurous. I am ready to hit the town and explore the nightlife of this incredible city. I have never dressed up in such couture steam punk chic attire however I think this will be my outfit for the night. What do you plan on wearing, something pompadour perhaps?! Where shall we go? xo, Alys