Sunday, April 26, 2009

Super Hero Powers~ I Think We All Need Some!

Tonight I was hanging out with my nephew Anders, we were playing outside when he showed me his "Super Power Ring"

I asked him: Where did you get this?

Anders: I found it in the magic toilet

Me: Oh Really!...Where is the magic toilet?

Anders: It's in my will have to come down to my room to see it

We took off to his bedroom on discovery of "the magic toilet"

Me: So where is this magic toilet?

Anders: points to an empty corner in his room and says "its right have to get inside, flush, and then you go down to magic land were everything you find is magic! You may even find a magic ring like mine! Now Aunt Alys lets go!!!

Me: What kinda of magic powers does your ring have?

Anders: If you put it on your finger no monsters will get you and you can have anything you want!

I'M THINKING WE ALL NEED A MAGIC RING! Anything you want, WOW...I'll start my list