Monday, June 8, 2009

Surprise Birthday Bedroom Makeover

This past weekend The Hunk and I spent remodelling and redecorating my daughter Aspens bedroom for her birthday. She is going into Junior High School and her bedroom was a bit outdated for her age. She is also having her tonsils taken out this month and we thought this would be a nice surprise for her to relax and veg out in while she is recovering from her surgery. She had no idea I was planning this! She left for the weekend to grandmas house and we got right to work. "If any of you are thinking about doing this I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing it while the kids are away...We took out 6 bags of treasures/ I mean trash that over her dead body would she have let us remove!"
I love the way this room makeover turned out. I had hinted around asking her if she could have her room any color what color would she want and she said Plum & Green...I was thinking how in the world and I going to pull off Plum & Green, If you have been to my home you know I love neutrals and warm earth tones. I am shocked at how gorgeous this all came together!

This chandelier was a 15.00 flea market find. I painted it black with high gloss paint and added the antique french beaded shades and crystals to give it a very chic look.

You should have seen her face when she walked into her new bedroom! She said, "Mom I can't believe it, I didn't even know my room could look this awesome! Wow, I don't know what I love the most, the chandelier, futon, or the flat screen TV!" I guess all the hard work paid off, she loves it!

The wall decals were something new for me to try out and I love how they really make the walls pop. I purchased them at Ikea, however you can buy them online as well.