Saturday, July 18, 2009

Celebrations & GiftAways

I have three bits of super exciting news! It is my 100th post today and I am so excited! It has been so fun to keep this online journal over the past 2 years. I love going back and seeing the progress I have made from changing my hairstyle "Yes, I know that was a much needed improvement" to watching my business, and children grow. It has been such a blast getting to know all of you! Reading your blogs and learning about love, life, and business all while getting lost in the beautiful photography accompanied by clever words of wisdom.

I am also super excited to announce that Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey is now at your local Barnes & Noble! It was so surreal to see my business, name, and photos in a real life coffee table book! Thank you Tara for featuring me and my business. This book is so beautiful, the photography is amazing, and it really is a great manual for even us aged bloggers. From simple photography tips to basic html blog coding with easy to follow tutorials, you will find it very useful. I have been lost in it for the past 2 nights and can't wait to visit all the blogs listed in the book.

And last but not least it is time for a GiftAway! Whoot Whoot!! I love winning prizes "even though historically I don't seem to be a bigger winner of contests" so I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a giftaway! The list of everything you can win is below. All you need to do is leave a comment here on my blog, on August 1st I will have a random number generator choose the lucky winner!

You can enter this contest from July 18th through July 31st. I will be posting this on both of my blogs so feel free to enter one time on either blog. Included in this GiftAway
*French Bonjour Sap Bucket
*Blogging for Bliss-By Tara Frey
*Pair Linen Embroidered Crown Tea Towels
*Caldrea Candle~So Yum
*Mini Bud Vase with Crystal Wrap
*Altered Art Vintage Necklace & Matching Earrings
*Crocheted Dresser Scarf
*Beaded Dresser Pillow
*Antique French Perfume Bottle filled with Bath Salts
*Pink Pottery Vase with Roses
*Rhinestone Double Picture Frame
Best of luck to all of you, xo Alys

Be sure to check back on August 4th to mingle with all us "Blogging for Bliss" girls. Every girl loves a good party and this is sure to be a blast!