Sunday, August 2, 2009

Put on your Party Crown!

Ladies, Please put on your best party crown and dress we have a winner! Yes, a Winner I say! ***Drum roll please*** Using Tara's Random Number Generator lucky number 21 was picked!
Gypsy Flea Market, You are one Lucky Girl...with a gorgeous blog to boot! Please email me or leave me a comment with your info so I can get this giftaway right out to you.
I have been having the best time reading all of your sweet comments/well wishes and visiting your beautiful and creative blogs. What a treat it has been for me to get to know all of you and share a bit of your life through the blogging community. Thank you to all of you that participated in my little giftaway! "I shall take my curtsy bow now" Check back often for more sweet treats and plenty of fun times! xo, Alys